Cardiff – the fastest growing UK city

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If you have studied the history of United Kingdom, you must have come across the name Cardiff. Cardiff is the largest city and the capital of Wales. In the case of United Kingdom, it is the tenth largest city. Even though people do not know much about Cardiff, there are quite some interesting facts about it. It is because of all these that Cardiff is being hailed as the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom.

Currently, Cardiff is the base for the majority of the nation’s sporting and cultural institutions, the Welsh national media, as well as the seat for the National assembly for Wales. Other than that, it is also considered to be the chief commercial center for the country.

Besides being very strong in terms of economy, Cardiff is also very well-known for its hotels (A cheap example for you to stay at is The River House). This is because they have been known to provide some of the best bed and breakfasts in the region. This is because majority of the independent hotels and guest houses are owned in very small numbers. This is why you will often find the owners to be available at your service. They are not only welcoming and friendly, but they also try their level best to make you feel instantly at ease.

Even though you might be thinking that since Cardiff is not at the hub of all the happening things, you are very much mistaken. You would be surprised to find how modern Cardiff has truly become. Basically, you will be able to find a mixture of both old and new in Cardiff. On one hand, you will be able to experience the very rich history and heritage of Cardiff. One of the finest examples of it is the Cardiff Castle. Yes, you will actually be able to fulfil your desires of visiting a real-life castle. On the other hand, you will be able to see the wide variety of nighttime activities as well as other recreational and leisure activities. In terms of musicals and plays, you will always find something or the other going on. And they are performed in such a beautiful manner that you will just be blown away.


Cardiff Castle

Top 4 Must See Vacation Spots!

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Are you looking for cool vocation spots? Then you are in the right place. We have done a cool collection of spots which you can go relax during vacations.

1. Paris – It’s a true French style, that combines leisure and liveliness. Paris combines both the modern and classic world. The classic landmarks will include Notre Dame cathedral, Eiffel Tower and architectural achievements. The City is divided into 20 districts and split by river Seine to the left and Right Banks. Paris is easy to navigate by quick metro system or by foot however accommodation can be expensive. There are open air markets, side-walk cafes, rustic coffee houses and restaurants of all kind.


2. Hanoi – Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and you will have a whole new experience of a different side of country here. It’s an old city but with well preserved monuments, old quarter and colonial architecture. This city hasn’t forgotten its past but it has also ushered modern developments and there is much to learn and view. The city can easily be explored using a taxi. This is the best place to be as a couple, it’s fun, romantic and adventures.

3. London – London is a tourist destination that’s very popular, it’s a place that will stimulate the mind and excite the senses. There are museums for cultural and historical hub. London has very good public transportation system thus visitors have great time to view fantastic sights without having to spend a lot of money in rental cars. B&B’s to stay in include hotel one hundred


4. Hong Kong – Talk of a one of a kind skyline, floating island and detectable dim sum. This are just but a few of the unique features found in Hong Kong. It’s a one choice destination where you get to view the traditional Chinese architecture in the village of Ngong Ping. You also get an eyeful of the peak of Mt Victoria. That’s not all, you will go to Nan Lian Garden and feel your inner peace restored as you watch rocks and gentle hills in this garden and have a cool cup of tea in the Stanley cafe.